Alcantarilla será el domingo sede del taekwondo regional - 1, Foto 1

SEWER / Sewer to host regional taekwondo on Sunday

The sewer would be the regional taekwondo headquarters subsequent Sunday, Colegio Ntra with the Municipal Pavilion “José Antonio Abellán”. Sr. de la Salud, Regional Taekwondo Technical Modality / Poomsae Championship, 9 a.m.

And from 4 pm Regional Taekwondo Poomsae League with Classes: Technical Modalite / Poomsae from Junior to Senior.

This morning, each regional competitions had been offered on the Alcantarilla City Corridor with the participation of the Mayor of Alcantarilla, Joaquín Buendía, president of the Murcia Area Taekwondo Federation, Budokán Membership president José Antonio Solano, and Javier Guillamón. and his coach Juan José Hernández, Member of the Sports activities Council, together with Antonio Martínez and members of the sewer membership.

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