Shalom Lescano stays at Fangio de Oro

Shalom Lescano stays at Fangio de Oro

Younger athlete Shalom Lescano gained the primary prize on the thirty sixth Sports activities Competition.

Some of the essential achievements of 2022 was its participation within the Path and Mountain World Cup held in Thailand.

That is how the athlete reduce his second Fangio de Oro and it needs to be famous that the final one was achieved in 2019.

Right here is the whole listing of 33 winners of the Juan Manuel Fangio de Plata award.

CHESS: Ivan Lobato

MARTIAL ARTS: kiara ponce

ATHLETICS: Shalom Lescano

REGION ENGINE RACE: martin calamante

NATIONAL MOTOR RACES: santiago mangoni

BASKETBALL: Ivan Montenegro

BOWLING: Horace Gonzalez

BOXING: Kevin Gomez

CYCLING: Jonathan Aguirre

Followers: Gustavo Colaneri

COMBINED SPORTS: Santiago Scioli

GYMNASTICS: Sofia Carrizo

GOLF: Frank Vault

HANDBALL: Juan Pablo Aguero

HOCKEY: matthew raimondi

Karting: Ariel’s Tomb

MOUNTAIN BIKE: Jonathan Dipiero

MOTORCYCLE: Santiago Del Grosso

SWIMMING: Kiara Colaneri

SHOVEL: Matthew Rivero

DUCK: Ignatius Monaco

FISHING: Daniel Maitia

POLE: Augustine Burgess

RUGBY: Francisco Alessio

TENNIS: mercedes maldonado

PING PONG: Ignacio Bianchini

REDUCED FOOTBALL: Sergio Landaburu

HOME FOOTBALL: Fernando Telechea

NATIONAL FOOTBALL: Juan Bautista Dadin

THREW: ariel bilbao

GRASS: Martin La Palma

VOLLEY Pilar Silva

YACHTING: Franco Riquelme Antonetti

SPORTS WILD: Alessia Primitivo – Soccer

SPORTS EVENTS OF THE YEAR: sixteenth Nationwide Children Event “Ciudad de Balcarce” organized by Racing Soccer Membership

SPORTS PRICE: Gustavo Bibbo

GOLDEN MUD: Shalom Lescano

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